At we believe in growing organic cannabis in the earth, in the sunlight, with organic compost. No chemicals, no pesticides and no artificial additives.

Some call us old fashioned, and we are ok with that.

Whether you use cannabis to heal yourself or to keep your body and mind healthy, we at believe that growing our plants in the most traditional manner produces the best quality products. If you are here, it's perhaps because you believe the very same thing.

We are specialised in growing CBD rich cannabis and in products that use the whole plant. This process takes advantage of the 'entourage effect'.

Treat your endocannabinoid system to the very best and see your health flourish.

Welcome to we are pleased that you found us... we have been waiting for you... We are leading cultivators and manufactures of organic marijuana products.

Please enjoy learning about the healing and therapeutic properties of Organic Marijuana.

Founded in the mid 1960's and developing into the Company has grown to become the largest privately owned online wholesale marketplace for world class organic products.

With cultivation and production facilities in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Jamaica, the company produces organic cannabis flowers.

The change in government and corporate attitudes globally in the past decade has accelerated the demand for premium products that are free from pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

We have created a specialized brand of indoor organic marijuana in our facilities to service a discerning clientele.

Growing organic marijuana lovingly for a discerning clientele

If you are looking to manage your health and wellbeing, then it makes sense to find products that are free from harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Why would you take marijuana as a treatment if it may contain the very products that made you ill in the first place? That's why we have put all of our focus on organic herb and in creating products that are truly free of all harmful chemicals. The herbs incredible healing properties come from its high critical levels of medical terpenes, flavonoids, and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Cannabinoids are a group of compounds that work through cannabinoid receptors in the human body, they are the active components of Cannabis sativa. Endogenous cannabinoids work through activation of specific cannabinoid receptors known as cannabinoid receptor 1 and 2 (CB1 and CB2).


Cannabinoids have been tested in several experimental models of autoimmune disorders such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, colitis and hepatitis and have been shown to protect anti-inflammatory pathways.

One may ask, why has there been such a massive interest in marijuana products? And of course specifically in organic marijuana and related forms of consuming it.

Well the short and simple answer is that people all over the world have been consuming marijuana for thousands of years.

In recent decades, some pretty astounding discoveries in research internationally have caught the attention of people worldwide. Primarily when the news first came to light that humans have a beautiful endocannabinoid system in our bodies that responds to marijuana, and that the role of this system is to regulate homeostasis.

In other words, its function is to help keep us healthy. So there is a massive interest in marijuana now because of the cannabinoid receptors in our system play an important role in many body processes, including metabolic regulation, cravings, pain, anxiety, bone growth, and immune function.

Organic Marijuana and our approach to cultivation focuses on several formats of cultivation, all in accordance with the organic principles of clean chemical free marijuana. Our options include outdoor, indoor and greenhouse. One of our favorite ways to grow marijuana organically is outdoor in broad acre or otherwise known as sun grown where the plants are in the soil and underneath the sun growing the way they have for thousands of years.

Outdoor cultivation can often produce healthier high-quality products for our discerning clientele. Of course, in order to produce high-quality sun-grown organic cannabis we engage specialized farmers, as this process is much more time-consuming and manually intensive than growing in greenhouses or indoors. Varieties of Marijuana

The vision is a world where health, vitality and well-being are the normal and not the exception. Where our products are available to all who need it to boost health and promote well-being, regardless of geography and economics.

Organic Marijuana Cultivation in Greenhouses

Marijuana Cultivation in Greenhouses. by our growers who use specialized farming techniques utilizing the cycles of the sun and the amount of natural light essential in producing a successful outdoor crop.

Growing in greenhouses gives much greater control over the elements and insures that our beautiful organic marijuana produces a high quality controlled bud in a controlled environment.

Greenhouse growing as compared to indoor is certainly a way to reduce energy consumption. You can produce high-quality organic marijuana buds in greenhouses without the use of energy consumption resources like you find in indoor cultivation spaces. Greenhouses offer a semi-controlled environment to grow organic marijuana

Greenhouses do not require high levels of energy consumption as indoor grows need. No high-energy consuming artificial lights for growing our cannabis or climate control environments to heat and cool environment and ventilate an enclosed structure.

Of course, organic cannabis can grow successfully in all three of these conditions. The indoor scenario provides elements that considered the most favorable for pharmaceutical or medicinal grade cannabis. You are able to control the environment, the grow rate and the pest control.

At, we believe in growing beautiful high-quality marijuana without any chemical pesticides or fungicides. We use natural pest management and we fertilize with our own organic compost and compositions employing ecological living soil processes.

We believe that the cultivation should be beautifully organic and should enrich the soil at the same time renewing and restoring instead of depleting the natural resources of the earth and land.

Organically fed cannabis, slow cured and hand trimmed this is how we approach our cultivation in our outdoor scenarios.

Nobody wants to consume dangerous pesticides and chemicals in their marijuana. Industry worldwide lacks rigorous regulatory oversight and this is disconcerting for the consumer of high-quality organic marijuana.

For people seeking medical cannabis, the last thing they want is to have dangerous chemicals in their marijuana. Customers are looking for healthy, chemical free marijuana to treat conditions.

In the United States, cannabis is still federally illegal and there is no stipulated terms and conditions for the growing and certification of organic marijuana.

Certain principles hold true nonetheless and in United States, fruits and vegetables must follow the guidelines determined to satisfy labeling certified organic. These guidelines include that 95% of the product must be completely natural and free of chemicals or additives.

Organic marijuana may be considered in the same way as other organic products like fruits and vegetables and meats and the market continues to grow for wild caught fish and pesticide free meats. At we raise the standard and grow our buds in completely chemical free and 100% organic environments.

We are able to achieve these results through soil supplementation, using worm castings, compost and a series of other proprietary techniques including using living soil.

In the United States, no organism permits certified organic but it can certainly be cultivated organically. This is how we approach it and this is pleasing to our customers.

Eliminating contaminants like pesticides and heavy metals is fundamental and research indicates that over 80% of the cannabis cultivated in California contains high levels of pesticides and fungicides, which are usually used for the cultivation of grapes. These chemicals cannot be washed off cannabis like grapes because the oils in cannabis are on the outside of the plant.

People seeking medication do not want these types of things in their cannabis medication, as no one knows what the effects of these herbicides are in conjunction with the medications that the patient may be using.

The future is green and the future is great. It’s clear that organically grown marijuana is better for the plant, better for the consumer and better for the planet. Growing in popularity around the world, medical cannabis is now widely accepted in a broad number of nations and therefore, organic is a focus for patients seeking relief from a myriad of illnesses.

In recent years demand for legal marijuana has increased exponentially and along the way a series of products including edibles and concentrates has emerged. The world needs more cannabis and the demand for organic marijuana continues to escalate exponentially.

Though this leads to the idea of mass production of cannabis and certainly this is the case in some areas as we have seen in Canada and in some parts of the United States and Australia, potentially organically grown and processed offers a much greater marketplace for the discerning client.

Marijuana in history

Indications of marijuana date back to the very beginning of humanity it has pretty much been around forever.

As many as thousands of years ago the Chinese were using marijuana is medicine.

In recent times of course marijuana is been a great use to help overcome issues relating to sleep. It has helped to stimulate appetite and to decrease pain. Many studies claim it is great for anti-stress. Many of the cannabinoids that are in the cannabis plant help regulate the body’s functions and scientists believe that it helps to protect the brain into boost the immune system.

Of course from the marijuana plant is derived products made from hemp fibres of unparalleled quality. A fantastically high yielding biomass crop that improves the quality of the soil. Marijuana is a very easy plant to look after and doesn’t require a lot of input. Many things that can be created and made with him continues to expand and grow.


There are two main endocannabinoid molecules, named anandamide and 2-Ag. The discovery was first made when Israeli scientist Raphael Mechoulam isolated the THC compound back in the 1960's. His ground breaking finding inspired further research to better understand how THC worked, and if humans produced a similar compound.

Fast forward 20 years and anandamide was discovered. In order to find a suitable name for the compound, they turned to Sanskrit. Anandamide comes from the Sanskrit word Ananda, which means bliss. So merging the molecule word with Ananda they came to anandamide which literally means bliss molecule.

We working with industry leaders to develop a global knowledge base on what consumers are looking for from their products.

This survey is completely anonymous and will help our team, global medical professionals and the academic community to better understand the organic growth and usage worldwide.

Click here to take the survey - about 10 minutes. Research is still in early stages, however marijuana and its cannabinoids are recognized for being able to help people with many conditions that have not been able to effectively be treated by conventional medicine. The list of conditions includes cancer.

Organic Marijuana

Our manufacturing covers organically grown medical and recreational marijuana products with a wide selection of cannabis edibles, beverages, concentrates, and pharmaceutical products. Organic CBD