The Story 

In the land adorned with the rich aromas of Port Royal, where the robust earthy scents intertwined with the sweet fragrance of spices and herbs from the plantation kitchens, a timeless saga began. Here, freshly cultivated organic fare was lovingly prepared in the age-old traditions.

These vivid emotions and sensations form the heart of what would eventually evolve into The Organic Marijuana Company.

Marijuana was an ever-present companion to the plantation laborers and the myriad of annual visitors. Termed as 'ganja,' 'weed,' or 'herb,' it was always organic; to taint the sacred plant with chemicals was inconceivable to the locals.

For generations, organic marijuana had been a cornerstone of healers' medicinal kits and a centerpiece of celebratory ceremonies. These jubilant occasions, replete with song, dance, feasting, and the communal smoking of this revered herb, underscored its cultural significance.

Indeed, organic marijuana held an integral place in the lives of local farmers and villages throughout the 1960s and 1970s, resonating deeply with the words of Jamaica's beloved luminary:

“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.”

Discerning travelers flocked from across the globe, seeking the high-quality organic marijuana nurtured by the locals, steeped in spiritual convictions inherited through generations of reverence for this healing plant. As word spread about the exceptional quality of locally grown organic marijuana, the cultivation expanded to meet growing international demand.

As the focus shifted towards health and wellness tourism, one aspect remained constant – the method of cultivation, meticulous attention to detail, and the profound respect for the sacred plant. These principles became the hallmark of the company, a legacy proudly upheld to this day.

With growing interest and challenges in meeting the demand, the company expanded its horizons. Seeking opportunities abroad, the United States emerged as a fertile ground for expansion, resonating with a receptive audience deeply appreciative of the spiritual and healing bond embedded in the company's cultivation methods.

Since its inception in the mid-1960s, this privately held company expanded into multiple foreign territories, establishing operations and facilities to extract the plant's oils, highly sought after for their healing properties worldwide.

Today, the company operates across numerous countries, engaging in cultivation, manufacturing, production, and global imports and exports. Despite expansive growth in Europe, the United States, South America, and Australasia, the company remains steadfast in maintaining the high standards that have made it a coveted brand for nearly six decades.

At the helm is a dedicated team of passionate professionals ardently devoted to organic marijuana. These individuals have awaited its rightful place on the global stage for decades. With the shifting perceptions of marijuana, the team actively contributes to its cultural and social renaissance, educating markets while catering to a global audience.

As marijuana's journey into cultural acceptance continues, Organic Marijuana Company endeavors to be an integral part of this narrative, offering not only a product but an immersive experience. We invite you on a journey of exploration, embracing the healing and enriching attributes of organic marijuana.