International Footprint

Growing organic marijuana across the world  

The Company has grown its initial operations in California since the early 1990’s and now has extensive cultivation and manufacturing facilities throughout the United States with key operations in Las Vegas, New York, Washington and Los Angeles.

United States

The Company has grown its initial operations in California since the early 1990’s and now has extensive cultivation and manufacturing facilities throughout the United States with key operations in Las Vegas, New York, Washington and Los Angeles.  

We have significant investments in companies which include; AmeriCann who designs,  develops and leases our sustainable, state-of-the-art medical cannabis cultivation properties. CannaRoyalty Corp who is an active investor and operator in the legal cannabis sector with its infrastructure portfolio. Cara Therapeutics, a biotechnology company focusing on pharmaceutical product development for pain management. Green Thumb Industries, a  provider of marijuana and cannabis products for legal, medical use providing access to safe and quality cannabis nationwide.


Since the introduction of medical cannabis in Canada in July 2001, the Company has been building its presence across various companies via acquisitions and strategic partnerships  such as Aurora Cannabis  whose organic projects include Aurora Sky and Aurora Sun to bolster its potential yield to around 700,000 kilograms by 2020. Canopy Growth Corp   has 2.4 million square feet of licensed capacity in British Columbia, and it's on track to have 5.6 million square feet licensed. Aphria  yield derives from its four-phase organic project known as Aphria One (100,000 kilograms) and its partnership with Double Diamond Farms known as Aphria Diamond (120,000 kilograms). The Green Organic Dutchman has  195,000 kilograms of annual production when at peak capacity.  Atlantic-based OrganiGram Holdings is projected to generate 113,000 kilograms when at full capacity 


The Company has several holdings in Uruguay, which holds the distinction of being the first country to federally legalize recreational marijuana. With 5 hectares of outdoor space under cultivation, the Company’s joint venture projects are focused on extraction and manufacture for medical purposes or scientific research. We see the key to success in Uruguay is to embrace local culture and so adapting entrepreneurship to the local culture is critical to success in new markets. Organic is focused on export and takes advantage of low costs of cultivation and manufacture in a stable country. 

Greece has made significant investments into joint ventures to commence operations in Greece, specifically in the organic market, with Organic Marijuana Greece. The industry has seen over 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion) injected into the country’s industry for future European demand for the product. Greece’s current legal framework allows for exports so long as the receiving country holds the necessary import license. The Greek government now recognises cannabis as a drug that has accepted medical use in the treatment of certain conditions which include chronic pain, neuropathic pain, nausea caused by chemotherapy and some eating disorders.


The Company has taken a shareholding in licenced import/export company Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA) Pty Ltd who are importing products from the USA and Canada and has signifant digital presences for its marketing and promotions.  The Company is anticipating that the  Australian medicinal cannabis market will be worth more than $1 billion by 2025. Legislation that permits the legal cultivation of cannabis for medicinal purposes was passed in Australia in February 2016. In 2017, the Federal Government of Australia allowed the import and sale of medicinal cannabis products.  However, many experts predict that the industry will explode into a multi-billion-dollar market over the next 10 years, especially since the Government has recently made clear its plans to make Australia a major player in the medicinal cannabis export market.    Now you can Invest in Cannabis in Australia        

New Zealand

Legislation changes in late 2018 see the New Zealand market open and the Company is vested in MOCA Pty Ltd, a local company that has been working with the New Zealand Government since December 2018 to obtain licences for cultivation, import and wholesale. MOCA is opening a 4000m2 cultivation facility once licences are granted.  New Zealand is an attractive market for the company due to favorable regulatory conditions which allow prescriptions for these products to be made by doctors without Government approval as is required in Australia. This will ensure faster access by larger patient numbers and lower regulatory barriers for THC Global to generate revenue.  New Zealand patient numbers for some of the main indications include 48,000 patients with Epilepsy, 80,000 with Autism, 62,000 with Dementia 9,500 with Parkinson’s, 4,000 with Multiple Sclerosis and +96,000 with Cancer

California cannabis market

California pioneered the modern cannabis movement in 1996 when the law made it legal for doctors to recommend cannabis to patients. In 2016, voters overwhelmingly chose to make it adult use legal in a state that represents the world’s sixth-largest economy. 

In 2018, California retail stores sold $2.5 billion worth of cannabis products and by 2022, the cannabis market in California is projected to jump to $7.7 billion The California cannabis industry’s total economic impact could be nearly $15 billion in the next four years. The Company has operations in Los Angeles  and across the stage