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We invite you to buy shares in - be part of our growth in organic cultivation in Southern Europe as we build the largest greenhouse network. 

Your investment in the cannabis industry helps us reach an ever growing number of patients and connoisseurs.

Key Information 

Sale of shares in  Information Disclaimer 

You can buy shares on this page or on this site with Secure Online Payment. Investor Presentation is expanding its cultivation facilities, adding over 300 hectares of planting to meet the expected European market demand. To fund the operation, the Company is raising $15,000,000 by selling 30,000,000 fully paid ordinary shares at an issue price of $0.50 per share. is planting rich marijuana plants in European greenhouses. Our exclusive partnerships at State Government level provide unprecedented access to a talented and dedicated workforce skilled in organic cultivation. We are rolling out the first round of  plantation in our beautiful greenhouses in first quarter 2020.

This is your invitation to invest in marijuana in Europe in one of the largest organic cultivation facilities in Southern Europe. Your investment in goes directly into cultivation and not into infrastructure as we already have that in place through our strategic partnership.  Our investment structure allows everyone to participate and we are accepting investments in European Cannabis Industry from $250

Our partnerships around the world provide a ready market into the pharmaceutical and recreational markets in Australia, Asia and directly into Europe. 

Summary and Business Model operates an online platform wholesaling medical and recreational marijuana. The company has cultivation partners in Jamaica, US, Europe and Uruguay and supplies a worldwide market. We dominate in the wholesale organic marijuana market bringing growers and manufacturers together to supply global demand.

Use of Funds

The Company is raising  funds by selling 15%  of its shares for $15,000,000  via 30,000,000 fully paid ordinary shares at an issue price of $0.50 per share  for the following expansion;

Application of funds

35% funds for working capital including overhead expenses 

36% funds for expanding European cultivation opportunities. 

11% funds for online sales channels. 

12% funds for developing unique organic plant genetics . 

6% funds for administrative expenses.

Exit strategy

IPO - has a well structured and phase wise plan for an IPO in 2021/2022. 

Company Highlights and Key Facts at a Glance

The Key Value Proposition 

Above all else, we believe in customer satisfaction based on our exquisite organic products. 

At we in grow beautiful high-quality marijuana without any chemical pesticides or fungicides. We use natural pest management and we fertilize with our own organic compost and compositions employing ecological living soil processes. 

We believe that the cultivation should be beautifully organic and should enrich the soil at the same time renewing and restoring instead of depleting the natural resources of the earth and land.

Organically fed cannabis, slow cured and hand trimmed this is how we approach our cultivation in our outdoor scenarios.

Why Europe?

The European cannabis market is predicted to become a $136 billion industry by 2028, according to the fourth European Cannabis Report that was published by Prohibition Partners. This is more than four times the projected market value of the U.S. cannabis market, which is estimated to be worth $30 billion by 2025

As of February 2019, $555 million had already been invested in the European cannabis market. Further, the value of the European cannabis market increased more throughout 2018 than it did in the previous six years.

Why Invest in 

Our Core Business

At, we raise the standard and grow our buds in completely chemical free and 100% organic environments. We are able to achieve these results through soil supplementation, using worm castings, compost and a series of other proprietary techniques including using living soil.

The future is green and the future is great. It is clear that organically grown marijuana is better for the plant, better for the consumer and better for the planet. Growing in popularity around the world, medical cannabis is now widely accepted in a broad number of nations and therefore, organic is a focus for patients seeking relief from a myriad of illnesses.

In recent years, demand for legal marijuana has increased exponentially and along the way a series of products including edibles and concentrates has emerged. The world needs more cannabis and the demand for organic marijuana continues to escalate exponentially.

Reasoning for European Cultivation Location

Our Purpose 

 Organic Marijuana is the doorway to healing.

 We are helping to open the world’s eyes to the incredible versatility and effectiveness of marijuana. 

Research and Development

Cultivation and Manufacturing


Revenue Centers

Our Vision 

 To make proven organic cannabis therapies available to everyone.

International Distribution 

Strong Financial Position 


Forecast Medical Cannabis Market Key Statistics for the European Cannabis Industry - the next big market for medical cannabis

9.83% global population, aging and high income 

Value 2028*

Our winning cultivation methodology and key partnership together with Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA) have created an Institutional partnership  in Italy. The partnership provides an operational network of commercial greenhouses and a team of highly skilled agricultural workforce. 

Growing in greenhouses gives much greater control over the elements and insures that our beautiful organic marijuana produces a high quality controlled bud in a controlled environment.

Science and Research demonstrates that greenhouse growing as compared to indoor is a definite way to reduce energy consumption. We produce high-quality organic marijuana in greenhouses without the use of energy consumption resources as you find in indoor cultivation spaces. This will significantly reduce our cultivation costs and provide another market advantage.  Little or no high-energy consuming artificial lights for growing our cannabis or climate control environments to heat and cool environment and ventilate an enclosed structure. We are in the perfect climatic environment.

The European Cannabis Report

Commercial opportunities

*Medical revenue 2028

**Recreational value 2028

United Kingdom 

€8.8 billion

€9.6 billion


€7.7 billion

€8.5 billion


€9.5 billion

€9.7 billion


€7.6 billion

€8.2 billion


€3.0 billion

€5.3 billion


€.5 billion

€.6 billion


€1.1 billion

€0.9 billion

The Netherlands

€3.1 billion

€3.4 billion

Produced by Probation Partners.

*Forecast medical Cannabis market revenue 2028

 **Forecast recreational cannabis market value 2028