Varieties of Marijuana

Marijuana differentiates itself by having two different sexes. Plants can be male, female and occasionally hermaphroditic varieties, which have male and female reproductive systems. There are only two annual plants that have both sexes and Marijuana is one of them.

Marijuana is further indexed by containing three major species. The most well know are Indica and Sativa and the less well known is Ruderalis.

Lets have a look the species in brief.

The characteristics of the Indica species is that it the plant is short and wide in comparison to the other species. The leaves are rounder with patterns similar to marble or granite and a vibrant green. The species affects the human body by containing a heavier effect .

  • Indica: Relatively short and wide, with greener colors and round leaves that have marble-like patterns. Provides a heavy, body high.
  • ` Sativa: Can grow taller, but are thinner with more pointed leaves that don’t have patterns on them. Provides an energetic, cerebral high.
  • ` Ruderalis: Lesser known than the other two. Small plants, used primarily for making clothes, rope, etc.

Each of these types of marijuana has its own properties when it comes to actually using it. One of the largest indicators of potency for a particular plant is its THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content. This is essentially the stuff that provides the soothing, medicinal qualities that many people associate with cannabis. In general, most growers use indica, sativa, or hybrid varieties of the two.

In general, the THC in female plants rises when the plant remains un-pollinated. It will produce more flowers, more buds, and more THC resin, making the eventual smoke much more potent by the time of harvest. There are also plenty of other natural chemicals on a marijuana plant that influence the kind of high you receive. These chemicals are referred to as cannabinoids, and they interact with your cognitive and physical functions to produce altered states of mind and being. Growing the plants under ideal conditions will promote high-quality THC production in your female plants. Indica/Sativa hybrids like Skunk, Northern Lights, Orange Bud, and Blueberry are very popular.